Make your devices united

ShareClip will help you to feel free while you are working on multiple devices.

How much time do you spend to

  • copy one-time token from your iPhone and input this token on your computer?
  • copy phone number from your Android phone and paste this number on your computer?
  • open on your computer the link received via mobile massager?
  • send via SMS interesting information found on your PC?

With all those cases ShareClip can help you. You need just copy required information on first your device and click paste at second - and it is all!

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You can simply transfer selected buffer. Just make "copy" on one device and "paste" to another one.


You can enable notifications when you are copying unix timestamps. ShareClip will show you notification with copied timestamp in human readable form.


ShareClip is just a transport. We don't store your data anywhere. All clipboards are encrypted and transferred in secure way


Why you may want to use ShareClip

Extra functions

Translate from unix timestamps to human-readble format from the box

Easy way to setup and syncronize devices

You can start to use ShareClip just after instanstall application and input your uniq passphrase for pair your devices. You can use QR codes for make your phone paired with your desktop.

Easy to use

You will use only native functions on your devices - just do "copy" and "paste"

Frequently Asked Questions

Responses on some popular questions about installation and using ShareClip

Where can I get desktop version of ShareClip?

You can download installators from our official website - here.

After installation on my Android device ShareClip stops to receive buffer from my desktop. What can I do?

It is possible that applicstion don't have permission for work in background or your androit try to safe battery time by killing applications in background. You can take a look to presentation and video for determine what's settings you should tune on your android device.

ShareClip was crashed!

We really very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately ShareClip is very young and it is possible that there can be some unexpected problems. We really want to fix all problem. After crash you will see window with offer to send reports to developers. Often there exists extra technical information about error. It will very help us to fix problem if you attach all data about errors: action that called crash, thechnical report about crash from you operating system etc.

How I can send to you my feedback?

We will very happy to see feedback from you about ShareClip. If you have any complaints, feedback, feature request fill free to write email for us:


Version 1.1-6: download


Version 1.1-7: download


Version 1.0.1: download

Privacy policy

1. The term “personal information” as used in this document is defined as any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or search for the person to whom such information relates. The personal information we collect will be subject to this privacy policy, as amended from time to time.

2. We do not request your email address, telephone number or any information about you.

3. We do not sell content.

4. We do not require registration.

5. The security of your personal information will not be compromised.

6. We do not request location information through our mobile app.

7. We do not send email newsletters.

Required permissions

1. Access to the camera for scanning QR codes from desktop versions of the application

2. Application running in the background to track clipboard changes